Rasheeda Celebrates Birthday With Her Friends Kandi & Toya


Yesterday one of favorite homie of all time celebrated her birthday at the infamous Twist restaurant in Atlanta. The one and only Rasheeda was treated like the royal beauty she is, surrounded by her closest friends.

I know She Bad,—  so haters just keep hating cause the “Peach” is looking Great, doing great and still doing what she loves!!!!

The infamous Derek J, Kandi of Real Housewives of ATL, Toya Carter, Reginae, and Eboni Elektra many more came out to support her. Later that evening they headed out to the highly talked about N.E.R.D. concert to cap off the wonderful evening.

It was nice to see my girl Resheeda and all my ATL fam.

Make sure you guys be on the lookout for the highly anticipated release of Rasheeda’s new mixtape that’s hitting the summer soon, she is back and about to beast on the game.

Here are pictures of her amazing night:


  1. WH?! Is reginae at an adult party. That’s weird that she is the only child there. Besides that every body looks nice. Kandi always fail with her looks to me. And I surprise she didnt bring her mom. LOl

  2. @NIK, i was thinking the same thing…and they wonder why children grow up so damn fast! Back in my day (when house parties where the thing to do) you had to go up stairs TO BED while the party was jumping…..anyway they all look they are having a great time.

  3. i wouldn’t want derek j near me or my child with his sweatty chest,, his breath probably smell like some man’s booty YUCK!


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