Rasheeda’s Internet Rumors are FALSE



The homie Rasheeda wants you all to know that the rumors floating around the internet are LIES! She is not having an affair with Lil’ Scrappy.

Let’s please put that mess to REST!

In the voice of Jazze Pha,

“Ladies and Gentlemen!”

You can’t believe everything you see and read on the internet. Our home girl Rasheeda wants you all to know that the rumors that have placed her and Scrappy as a couple are lies. Scrappy and Rasheeda are family. They are friends that’s all that needs to be said on that matter.

Also, the rumors about the divorce are just that rumors.

Neither Kirk or Rasheeda have confirmed that they are heading to the divorce court. Until they say they are getting a divorce it’s all rumors.


The mommy to be had to go on Twitter and address the madness. As you can see Rasheeda address the “dumb ass rumors” as ignorance. Go head sis, get it off your CHEST! Say it with your chest girl! Say it with your chest!


It’s a shame a sister got to declare her virtue for the world to see.  SMH

What do you think about the Rasheeda rumors?

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Photos via: Instagram.



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