Ray J Gets Carried Out Of The Palms Casino After Getting Into A Fight With Fabolous



There is new beef in the street and this time it’s between Ray J and Fabolous. These two are the last ones I would have ever guessed to have beef but hey…Anyways, drama went down between Ray J and Fabolous after the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight. Little did everybody else know, they came for two fights.

It all started when Fabolous got on twitter and made a joke about Ray J stating:

“Nah but Floyd saying we havin a concert in my living room & the camera cuts to Ray J singing “One Wish” on the piano had me in tears!!

Get it..? Ray J concert in the living room!! *Lil Wayne voice*”

I guess Ray J saw the tweet and had a chip on his shoulder when he came to the Mayweather vs. Ortiz that Fabolous was also in attendance at. One thing lead to another and supposedly Ray J slapped Fabolous. However, it was this very action that got him carted out of the Palms Casino Hotel.

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 It doesn’t stop there either! Ray J called into the Breakfast Club and went off about the fight that took place between him and Fabolous. Check it out below:


  1. Something is wrong with this guy, he talked so much shit on the radio. We all know if you lost the fight, you have something to prove, real men move in silence but Ray J OMG, I can tell he got his ass beat, he can’t stop talking and talking and talking and talking.

  2. Can someone please tell Ray J that it was Floyd Mayweather won the fight, and not him. He’s all amp’d up off of his homeboys win, that he’s talking delusional. Money team this, money team that. Stop it dude, seriously. You’re only making yourself look bad. You ain’t bout that life Ray J. Chill out.

  3. This dude is a clown! acting like a spoiled little F@g!
    U can tell he’s NEVER been in a fight or drama, cuz he talks too much…lol


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