Ray J & Princess Love agrees to pay 20k for missing dog



Ray J has been having a fantastic year financially, especially after his 7 figure deal for SCOOT-E BIKE. Perhaps that’s why he was willing to cough up 20k for missing dog.


Boogotti, RayJ and Plrincess Love’s dog went missing this week. They received tips from neighbors, which led to pictures suggesting that Boogotti was dognapped, and sources say the ransom is 20k.


Princess met up with the guy who had Boogotti, he returned the dog and demanded the 20k. However, Princess interrogated the individual before giving money. He was shook, this made Princess suspicious and eventually law enforcement’s got involved.




Reported from TMZ:

Besides turning down dognappers, Ray J has been turning down TV gigs in order to focus more as a businessman. We’re sure balancing music, TV, and business is an overwhelming feat.


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