Ray’J Feat on Dookie Blu’s Sorry Baby Daddy – ‘Father’s Day National Anthem’


Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 1.01.10 AMSorry Baby Daddy is a hot song and I know yall are thinking “I am wrong for posting this on fathers day but look at it this way; Some baby daddy’s are saying “I’m sorry” on Father’s Day as they reflect on what could have been a better year. Dookie Blu summed it up pretty good in his lyrics with the help of R & B sensation turned actor Ray-J. Or is it the other way around? Either way congrats Ray J! Wait no, your “not the father”. Well Happy Father’s Day to all those husbands and Baby Daddy’s that are doing the right thing. Today is your day! Enjoy! 

Dookie Blu’s first album, which was recorded in 2009 under a two-year deal with Oarfin/Koch/E1 Entertainment, sold well, and his next project is sure to do even better! Way to go Ray J and Dookie! I hear you two are working on having Big Thangs Poppin in the near future.  Dookie Blu’s Sorry Baby Daddy is also now avail on itunes.


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