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R&B Artist Siergio Debuts ‘Chill With You!’

ChillWithYou Artwork

R&B singer Siergio releases his new single “Chill With You!” This is the first song from his highly anticipated EP “Nasty Nights: The Drive.”

Check out the details below!

R&B singer Siergio releases his first single “Chill With You” from his EP “Nasty Nights: The Drive!” The Chicago native sings about how he lost the girl of his dreams and now, no other chick matters. The hot new track was produced by DJ Cool and samples from Lil’ Kim’s Crush On You.”

Although Siergio sampled from Queen Bee, he definitely found a way to make it his own. His voice is extremely hypnotizing and it is a topic that everyone can relate too.

Check out Siergio’s “Chill With You:” 

I am digging this new track and I know it is going to be a hit! Are you feeling Siergio’s new single? Comment below!

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