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R&B Divas Season 2 Season Finale Recap

R&B Divas

The tumultuous season 2 of R&B Divas has officially wrapped up, but not without one more dose of heavy drama. Nicci Gilbert faces off with Angie Stone and Syleena Johnson one last time, putting the fate of the R&B Divas on the line, Monifah gets asked an important and life-changing question, and Nicci reunites with Brownstone at her charity event.

Check the quick recap and video below:

rbdivasfinale-freddyo-missjaye1Syleena Johnson previewed some new music to the divas and the other folks she collabs with to rave reviews. But while at the showcase, the ladies discuss Nicci’s absence, which was due to Angie’s accusations that her charity was fraudulent.

They meet up with Nicci to get her side of the story, and she goes into more detail about her charity, and says everything was legit.rbdivasfinale-freddyo-missjaye2

Monifah and her partner Terez take a day trip to Chattanooga and discuss plans for the future. Monifah once again presses Terez to moving to Atlanta, and she says she’s not coming…but pulls out a ring to propose to Mo, and saying she will come down as her wife, not just a girlfriend. rbdivasfinale-freddyo-missjaye3

Monifah was moved to tears and of course said yes.


Nicci’s charity event starts off with a lot of bumpy situations, and her bossy attitude doesn’t’ help things either. rbdivasfinale-freddyo-missjaye5Monifah decides to scrap her performance at the event because the mics and non-existent sound person or sound system at the bennett st. “Sugar Hill prom space “(in my LoTocha’s husband’s Rocky Voice) wasn’t good, and when Brownstone performed it was clear that Nicci didn’t devote much time to rehearsing with the girls. They couldn’t blame all those bad notes on the mics and sound (which didn’t help the situation)rbdivasfinale-freddyo-missjaye6The ladies throw KeKe a surprise birthday dinner, but there wasn’t much to celebrate.

rbdivasfinale-freddyo-missjaye7KeKe starts off with saying that she wants the divas to come together no matter the beef. So she decides to address Angie about the things she said about Nicci’s intentions. That set off a domino effect of drama. Nicci jumps in to address Angie, who ultimately removes herself from the table. The girls were so busy fussing that I don’t think anyone even noticed Angie was gone. A Daggone SHAME!!rbdivasfinale-freddyo-missjaye8 LaTocha, who has remained neutral, exchanged words with Keke over how she grabbed her hand while at the table. And of course Syleena wasn’t going to sit back and let the drama unfold without adding her two cents.

rbdivasfinale-freddyo-missjaye9“There’s a special place in hell for a b—- like you!” Syleena said as she walked out.

Will these ladies ever reunite and attempt to make good music? It doesn’t look promising. They have some real issues to work before they even sit down in the same room again!

Watch the entire episode below:

Do you think KeKe was wrong to address Angie Stone? Was Nicci’s intentions clear with her charity event? Will the divas ever reunite? Leave a comment and let us know!

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