“R&B Divas” Super Trailer, + Monifa’s Shocking Reveal


TV One is ready for the August 20th debut of new reality show, R&B Divas, featuring 90’s R&B Stars, Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Syleena Johnson, Monifah and KeKe Wyatt. The super-trailer has been released and singer Monifah reveals that she is in a same sex relationship and is even filmed engaging in intimate activity with another woman. Take a look…

In this exclusive supertrailer, Monifah is shown asking her teen daughter how she feels about her relationship with a woman. “Can you support our union,” she asks, on the verge of tears. “I don’t support it,” her daughter Akemi answers.

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Will You be watching?


  1. Not sure why all the drama is needed to put a record out…get some good producers, beat makers and do some GOOD promoting and DROP the damn album….and get along/stay postitive! It just seems like everybody want a reality show and to be known for being just over the top and EXTRA! As black people we should ask ourselves if certain behaviors will kill or confirm the negative stereotypes…..s.n (they all look good for their age)

  2. So we will knock a reality show about R & B Divas but support the ratchet bs VH1 produces called Love & Hip Hop…what a backwards society.


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