Real From The Real Chance Of Love Show Diagonsed With Stage Four Cancer



Remember the show Real Chance of Love that came on VH1? Well brother Real is now in the hospital and diagonsed with stage four cancer! The trouble started back in January when he thought that he had the flu. Things continued to get worse and doctors said something was wrong with his liver. But instead it has turned to this…

Real Chance of Love 2008

This is such sad news because once you have stage four of cancer it has begun to spread to other parts of the body. As of now, Real will remain in the hospital until doctors decide if he should receive chemotherapy or radiation.

According to the Stallionaires twitter account, they are setting up a PayPal account where people can donate money to help them in this very unfortunate time. Be sure to check their account for more details as it becomes available. Get well soon Real!



  1. Life is so short you never know when your time is… I really hate it for real he is really a great guy the attributes that he exuded on Tv were of great quality and intellculet…. Wish him a safe and speedy recovery… Get well soon…


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