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Real Hairstylists of Atlanta Throws Capicorn Bash for Terrence Davidson with Mimi Faust, Towanda Braxton, Derek J, Nivea, Miss Lawrence, and More

The cast of Real Hairstylist of Atlanta threw an amazing birthday party for Celebrity haristylist Terrence Davidson at Tongue & Groove surrounded by celebrity friends Towanda Braxton, Mimi Faust, Nivea, Derek J, Miss Lawrence and others.
We had a fantastic time check out the details below.

This past Sunday, Jan. 12th the cast of Real Hairstylists of Atlanta celebrated the birthday of famed Celebrity hairstylist Terrence Davidson by throwing him an EPIC “Capricorn Bash” at Tongue & Groove. The big homie was surrounded by his friends and the celebrities came out in droves to support the master stylist on his birthday.
Terrence is a cast member of the upcoming reality show, the “Real Hairstylists of Atlanta” which will be premiering late 2014. During this “Capricorn Bash” the “Real Hairstylists of Atlanta” had full cast in attendance and cameras were rolling to catch this EPIC night!”Eyelash Vizion Films chose an All Star Celebrity Stylists Cast that’s sure to keep the viewers glued.
Check out the fun we had below.
The Lovely Nivea was in the house to party with the homie at the epic Capricorn Bash.
DSC_7940The gorgeous Towanda Braxton was in the house to celebrate with the big homie and cast for the Capricorn Bash.
DSC_7977Nivea and Towanda Braxton striking a pose during the big party.
DSC_7989Mimi Faust and Derek J posing for FreddyO!
DSC_7985MiMi Faust having a blast at the Capricorn Bash.
DSC_8021Mimi Faust and DJ AOne posing for FreddyO.
Check out the rest of the fun we had at the birthday party below.
DSC_8069The homie Miss. Lawrence navigating the crowd at the party.

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