Real HouseWives Of ATL Season 4: 2011 New Cast Member


It has been confirmed that the Real HouseWives of ATL are returning for season four, all of the season three cast members have signed their contracts but one might not be coming back.. There will be 1 addition added to the # one BravoTv hit reality show. The reason why this show has maintain it’s longevity is due to the never ending drama my ladies of the ATL bring to us once a week. The downside to it is that some of the ladies have been criticized for displaying a false image of how African American women really are.

In my opinion, each woman brings a unique quality to the show that everyone can relate to including black women. Only thing that a person may have difficulty understanding is that due to the fact that they have money their experiences are going to be a little different and extreme. We also wanna keep in mind that the reason the madness is always elevated on the show is because “it is a show” so networks aim to entertain, so be mindful of that.

It seems like each year we are introduced to new members, season 2 we met songstress Khandi, season 3 we were introduced to super model Cynthia Bailey and “The Southern Belle” Entertainment Lawyer Phaedra Parks. This season Bravo Tv is in the works on casting a new member. My sources tell me they have narrowed it down to eight women.


It’s also been rumored that season 1 cast member Deshawn Snow, may be returning(I think NOT) to the show since lately she has some extra drama to enter her life. (Click Here To Read) She is currently looking into the potential gains of returning to the show or if getting her own reality show would be more fitting for her. But stay tune to see the outcome on that.

I can’t reveal the name just yet (I need you to comeback to the site in a few hours lol) but ill give you a little background on of the ladies that are being interviewed. One  of the ladies major beauty shop owner and Drama starter, has ties to many A List celebrities in the ATL and she’s loaded with money. One of the wives being looked at is a best selling author packed with a mixture of sass, money, and innocence. Another potential member is the wife of an NBA star who is loaded with money and lazier then all get out. Last one of them is “BestFriends” with Natalie Nunn but that’s all I can say for now(I haven’t got all the info on her yet my sources are still sleep LOL ). We will reveal new potential members and photos as the day goes on so make sure you stay tuned.

Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes

I have been told that NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak, has the overall say of who is casted. Bravo wants make sure that all cast members have an interesting relationship with the Divas of the show.

This season will most likely be the best season yet because Bravo is taking the show on a new twist, minimizing the drama between the cast members and focusing more on the family issues and endeavors. Hmmm! They just better make sure the Drama maintains. I know that’s wrong to say but hey I’m just saying. Reality Drama Tv is everyone’s secret pleasures we are all afraid to admit to! LOL

31 responses to “Real HouseWives Of ATL Season 4: 2011 New Cast Member”

  1. kay says:


  2. meetlove11111 says:

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  3. MS DEE says:

    WOW!!!!!!!! I can’t wait……..

  4. Lanae Simms says:

    i think I know who one of the new cast members is & she is off the chain. If it’s who I’m thinking it’s either the girl that owns the salon on Peter St. I like her she’s a trip.

  5. Lola says:

    get rid of sheree she cant act or do anything for a matter of fact… pheadra is only on there cause of her husband because she is dry and boring…love nene more and more each season cause she is real and i LOVE kandi!!!!!!

  6. Gianna says:

    What a waste of an article. This had absolutely no real info or details. A woman in ATL who owns a beauty shop or one who is married to an NBA player. Yeah, that narrows it down. I have some inside information too. The new cast member also may be black or white. And she may or may not have children. We also hear she possibly owns a residence in Atlanta. Can’t give you our sources though!

  7. Cess says:

    You might as well make Lawerence a house wife, over Sheree’ I have never seen someone that NEEDS the attention so badly and acts like she has Donald Trump money. Couldn’t wait to show off the new car, and then gets it repossed. And ok ….Sheree your doing bit parts in plays and one liners on sitcoms, Angela Basset your not! Everything about you is fake, just like your fake Dr. boyfriend. I will give you a compliment on your hard body and if you say that the body is yours, then so be it, but I am like Wendy Williams with that one; since you didn’t have it the season prior the season 3. You say Kim can’t sing and your right, tell yourself now that you can’t act. The only one on there that is perhaps worse than you Sheree, would be Dwight and I see what he is doing and trying to do, but hell, your one of the supposed to be stars of the show. Whoever said it, said it right ‘Sheree is so Boring’ Congrats to Lawerence because he has your hair looking fabulous, but your attitude sucks, and you need to write a couple fake checks and take some more or simply take some acting lessons.

    PS News flash you didn’t get the roles based on your talent alone, no you got them because you are a HWATL and just like the majority generally does; like with Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, YaYa, and a few others; they are supporting the effort of one of their own. I seen you Sheree on the show To[ Cheif along with Phadera, her husband and a few others and your the only person that was breaking your neck to be seen on camera, lmao, it was funny, so maybe you are good for comedy and don’t even know it or being a clown at a childs party.

  8. DLC says:

    I desperately wish they would get rid of horse face Leakes. Put the beast back in her cage. She’s not ‘real’, she is loud, obnoxious and lacking in even the most remedial set of manners. Being the loudest and most violent makes her right? I enjoy most of the show, but when she comes on, I cut the sound … hereby missing much of the show. I guess as long as she brings in ratings she will be on the show. Cannot wait for her to piss off the wrong person … maybe a heavyweight that can get her fat ass canned. Disagree if you like, but I too am entitled to my opinion. Haha, on Twitter she asked for opinions on how we liked The Apprentice … I gave it and was deleted. Guess her truth only goes one way.

  9. naya says:

    i love all of them u should keep all of them but the only one i dont like ,like that is kim she keep bossing her friend around

    if you people get reed of 1 it should be kim

  10. Tuts says:

    Love Kandi, love Nene more, the show would not be the same without her. Kim certainly needs to go, her had her ugly wigs. The way she tried to play Kandi with the music business makes you realize that you certainly do not need enemies with friends like her. I really wish Nene could beat her senseless. Sheree is the fakest person I have ever seen, just admit you have no money and keep it moving.

  11. Ms Shero says:

    I like all the women on housewives of Atlanta.. I think Khandi is genuine. She appears to be the most like a sista with money. Sheree is fake but you have fake sista’s too. Kim just don’t fit now. she was cool and Nene whipping child but enough of that. lets move on. Also without Big Poppas money what is Kim going to do. She really can’t sing and the wigs all seem to look the same. And who is she friends with now. Phaedra could step her game up a bit. Nene could tone it down some. It is cool to see Nene as a down for your friend kind of girl but the bully in her is unnecessary. Cynthia, girl I almost forgot about you. You really need to step it up.

  12. T SMITH says:


  13. Roxsie J. says:


  14. jim fornaro says:

    Well last nite with the show in AFrica just showed is ghetto is ghetto is ghetto. Phaedra, my favorite along with Kandi, really let me down. When at the museum dealing with slavery, a serious issue, was more important in checking out the crotch of a manequin of a male slave. For a person who talks about Africa being the ‘Motherland’ this was most most disrespectul. I thought Phaedra and kandi were the only ones with ‘class on the show. Shame Phaedra. What is this bull crap, Africa being the ‘Motherland’ most of you have a little white blood somewhere in your families.Africa the Motherland reminds me of Hitler in his reference to Germany as the ‘Fahtherland’ Why is everybody against Sherre. She is one of the most refreshing persons on the show. Cyntia showed her true colors and is a back stabbing, trouble making lowlife. NeNe is hopeless, just a ghetto hoochie mama and now you add Marlo. This show is going down hill with the cast! Marlo is ghetto plus. Forget her past,we all make mistakes, but she has not changed. I was embarassed for the decent black community last night.

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  20. Rachel says:

    I enjoy the program so much, it keeps my day up. I love Nene but please someone tell her to learn to keep quite some time especially when it comes to talking about Kim And Sheree because it just not worth it at all. Kim babe you can’t sing but I would apologies when I hear you sing very well Okay till then as for Sheree woman I like you but stop trying to pick fight with Nene she isn’t your type of girl to pick fight with come on she’s a blessed woman. Lisa love you from day one, you and your lovely house, Deshawn your are my favourite woman you simple, no trouble making and always seeking peace. Peace will continue to follow you IJN (in Jesus name) , your boys are cute and your home is lovely, keep you up going to church and you will find Christ as long as the church is preaching holiness. Love Nene, Deshawn, Lisa………That is all

  21. Rachel says:

    Am surely waiting to watch the reunion, Nene still loving you, Deshawn you are wonderful person, Lisa your baby is cute and love you too. Kim get your act together, you know you want to continue to be friend with Nene so don’t let Sheree affect your relationship. Sheree force on your fashion because it like the only thing you can force on as you don’t really have much in this program.

  22. nzescviag says:

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