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Reality Night Mon TV -Love and Hip Hop New York – Hot97NY Hosts call Mona Scott a “Problem Starter” – Video

tahiry-love-and-hip-hop-ny-season-3-gumbumper (2)When You Watch the Video “Tahiry Jose”(Who is looking quite lovely in the promo pics) Is that Lacirema Brazilian Hair you wearing girl or do you got Indian in yo family..oh yeah neither (she is not only a PuertoRiDominicanPecan but she is , ex girlfriend of Joe Budden AND a new cast member this season. When Hot97NY Hosts asks Joe Budden’s new girlfriend Kaylin “How is your relationship with Tahiry and she replies “We have no relationship”. Later in the interview L’oreal (new cast member) is asked “How is your relationship with Erica Mena?” and she answers, “There is no relationship!” Now is L’oreal ex girlfriend of music producer Rich as well? Wow! Erica describes her and Rich as a couple “WE are Love and Hip Hop” WOW!!!! Looks like a Stevie J and Joseline 2.0 in the works minus the Babymomma. I think this is a recipe for a whole lot of #$%whippins going down. check out the trailer video

Judge for yourself! I can’t wait to see the show tonight! I’m about to go and stock up on popcorn and maybe have some viewing parties at Tees and Quotes. Who every comes up with the best quote of the night gets a free T-shirt with the quote.tahiry-joe-budden-2012-12-25-300x300 We gotta start selling them before Mona starts selling them on the Vh1 Website
The Video will help you get all the characters down and then your will be able to follow along alot easier.

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