RECAP: Love And Hip Hop Season 2 Episode 13: “Up In Flames”


Scrappy faces up to his problems, Drew and Traci come to terms about their relationship, Joseline makes a big purchase, and Rasheeda and her mother face off against Kirk. Check out the recap of this episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta inside…
Season 2 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is slowly coming to a close with just three episodes left before the reunion. And there are still a lot of questions left unanswered, and situations that need to be resolved. In short, there’s a lot of fixing that needs to be done.

lahh-s2e13-freddyo-missjaye1Mimi sees how down Rasheeda has been lately and offers her some encouragement. She is still understandably upset with Kirk and his “turnt up” boys weekend at the cabin with Benzino, and says she doesn’t want to divorce but she may not have any other options. Rasheeda doesn’t need any more stress as she is very pregnant, almost ready to pop, and Kirk isn’t making things any easier. Quite chilly, Mr. Frost.

lahh-s2e13-freddyo-missjaye2Traci, Drew, and her new boo meet up for what should be a peaceful lunch, and for Drew to apologize for being a jerk to Dashaun last week. But we all know no one from LAHH eats peacefully. Drew claims he wants to get to know Dashaun better, but ends up interrogating and blasting him about his past, which includes an arrest, and Traci knew nothing about it. She calls out Dashaun on his dishonesty and decides the best thing to do is it call the whole thing off with him. Deuces, Dashaun.

Later, she and Drew have an honest discussion about their issues and what keeps them from moving on from each other. Drew says all he wants is for Traci to be happy, and we can believe it. We want the same for her too.

lahh-s2e13-freddyo-missjaye4Stevie J checks in on his dad who hasn’t been in the best health lately, and invites Joseline over for lunch there as well. Pops makes it clear that he is on Team Joseline for Stevie, and tells her to put the pressure on him for that commitment. And that’s exactly what she does with a visit to the jewelers.

lahh-s2e13-freddyo-missjaye3Scrappy is desperate to stay out of jail and has to explore other options to stay out of trouble, so he decides to meet with an addiction specialist after failing his piss test with his parole officer. Scrappy admits that he rolls and lights every day and he needs it to function. He doesn’t understand the big deal of that Mary Jane, even said “it feels normal to be high.” Oh. Yeah, treatment might be his best option right now.

lahh-s2e13-freddyo-missjaye5Rasheeda turns to her mother once again about her issues with Kirk, who wants to meet up with her face to face to talk it out. But the only person the Boss Chick wants to talk to now is a lawyer. As Rasheeda’s mother is leaving their house, Kirk shows up on his bike.


lahh-s2e13-freddyo-missjaye7“I’m coming to patch up my relationship,” he says. “I’ll help you patch it up!” Mama says as she backs over the bike. And $7000 is up in flames.

Now that’s turnt up!

Check out the entire episode below:

Do you think Rasheeda’s mom went to far when she ran over Kirk’s bike? Is rehab the best thing for Scrappy? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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