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Justin Beiber Has An Epiphany About Recentering Himself With Religion & Nature


What’s the first image that comes to your mind when you think of Justin Bieber’s appearance? Is it blonde hair, black hair, blue hair, a haircut, dreads, or what? There was always a lot of controversy over how he wore his hair, especially when he didn’t seem to have a specific hair style. Many people thought he was going through something, what did you think?


Well, Justin has addressed these comments saying that he is fine, he is not going through anything but he is connecting himself with nature and God. Now, I know some of us are like, God? I didn’t know he even had a relationship with him. Well, that’s the reason for reconnecting in the first place right? We all have no power to judge people’s personal connections with God and that’s a fact.


Justin says that he has had an epiphany about centering himself with religion and nature. That is the reason when he has taken more of his time to enjoy his surroundings such as meditation and strolls in the park. He feels like he has lost the center in life and is taking the necessary actions to get his life back on track. Who can be made at that?


I hope everything works in his favor with his soul searching!

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