Regina King Says The Emmys Need More Diversity



Hollywood actress Regina King is taking issue with the Emmy awards. In a letter posted on “The Huffington Post,” King says she’s alarmed by the ceremony’s lack of diversity. She writes, quote, “Up to and including this year, there have been only 53 non-white actors nominated for Emmys out of nearly one-thousand possible nominations in the top four acting categories for drama and comedy. I’ve worked in television nearly all of my professional life, and that statistic is quite sobering to me.” King goes on to say that she was saddened that “Sesame Street” and “227” actress Alaina Reed Hall was not included in this year’s memoriam. The “Southland” star notes that Hall’s 12 years on an “American institution” deserved to be remembered. She adds, quote, “You have to admit, to not recognize her contribution to television baffles the mind.”
Regina King acknowledges that not every actor can be included in the Emmys’ memoriam, which leads her to close her letter by asking, quote, “What is the process in determining who will and will not be recognized during the Emmy memoriam?”


  1. I wonder if she thinks she should’ve been nominated for Souhland…if so she is mistaken! Her performance in Southland is as bland as its running plot. #thatisall


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