Remember Me: Brandon Hammond?


Remember the lovable 12 year old Ahmad from “Soul Food”? His real name is Brandon Hammond. He’s 25 years old living in California pursuing his college degree. I really couldn’t find his twitter page, but I have to say he was one of those kids that was in all of the black classic films. Check out what he looks like now…

Hammond’s first film role was in Menace II Society where he played the younger version of the main character Caine. He followed this up with major roles in Strange Days, Waiting to Exhale, The Fan and Mars Attacks!, usually playing the son of one of the main characters. He also appeared in Space Jam playing Michael Jordan as a child. His most well-known role is that of Ahmad in the hit film Soul Food. Ahmad was the narrator of the film and Hammond received critical acclaim for standing out amongst the ensemble cast. He was also the role of an abused child in Tales from the Hood.

He had a recurring role on the TV series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman as Anthony. He simultaneously starred in the short-lived sitcom The Gregory Hines Show as Hines’ son. His last role to date was in the 2002 Showtime film Our America. He has not appeared in any feature film or television roles since turning 18.

Yo If you Know His Twitter Please Let Me Know

13 responses to “Remember Me: Brandon Hammond?”

  1. Screwed Priorities says:

    He has not appeared in any feature film or television roles since turning 18.
    Possible indication that Hollywood took the best years out of him. Glad that he had a plan after not being seen for awhile. A solid education is something that even Hollywood can’t take from a person. Congrats on a good choice!

  2. GUCCIBELLA(The Don) says:

    I’m glad he didn’t go from the cute little positive,funny kid into a thugged out ,hard-core,over-rated,black stereotype role,so I’m proud of that.He chose to go to school until a more upllifting,meaningful role comes along,good 4 you Brandon.

  3. Bbjay150 says:

    He looking REALLY =)

  4. Jahvon09 says:

    I truly remember him as the loving and caring little boy who helped look after his grandmother in Soul Food. He was great in that movie!!

    He also played one of the young gangbangers ( the young E-Bone) in the movie, Blue Hill Avenue. I hope that he returns to acting soon after he finishes college! He has truly great talent!!

    But in my heart, he will ALWAYS be thought of as the caring little boy who did the critically-aclaimed role of Ahmad in Soul Food!!


  5. Jahvon09 says:

    And yes, he was very cute and adorable when he did Soul Food!! One person who I wanted to stay a child forever!!!


  6. Brandon Hammond says:

    AWWWW thank you everyone, they all mean so much to me, i love all of you

  7. Ashley says:

    I always wondered Ahmad went on to do in he adult life. Im glad he had a back up plan and went on to college. He was a handsome young man and grew to be and even more handsome man!! ; )

  8. Darcy Blackmon says:

    Hey Brandon. I frist saw u act in the movie Soul Food which has become one of my favoite movies of all times. Everyone in the movie did a outstanding job, and the movie left a profound effect on families everywhere. I thought it was so good that it should have gotten a academy award, at the least a nomination. I am glad to know that u went back to school to finish ur education, and didn’t fall thru the cracks like a lot of people did that made it to hollywood. Hope to see u soon on the screen again. Stay up my brother. Peace

  9. Keisha Jackson says:

    You really fit into those big lips you were adorable then and attractive now. I just have to tell you

  10. janvusone says:

    Brandon,just wanted 2 check on the young brother from TFTH…….God Bless Always.

  11. oscar says:

    I just found his twitter and the name is

  12. angel says:

    here u go

  13. linnie says:

    Great that you’re pursuing your degree! Good luck to you in all you do.

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