Remy Ma Says She’s Not Gay & Thats Not Her On The Phone… Hummm?


This sounds like a cover up to me. Bossip is reporting the media is quick to jump on drama and create any type of controversy that can come from it.
When a video appeared of a woman, that was allegedly rapper Nicki Minaj before she hit the mainstream, talking about her sexual relationship with Remy Ma, many believed that Ms. Remy engaged in the accusations.
Since then, Minaj has denied the claims that she was the woman in the footage.
Calling Jenny Boom Boom and DJ Craig G from Hot 93.7, Martin, who is doing an 8-year bid was able to finally address the situation.

“That video came out years ago. I was home when it first surfaced and I don’t know who that is. The crazy thing with me is that it’s been out for so long and I’m still waiting for somebody to like type in, like on the computer, like I know here, she lives next door to me…I don’t even know what the logic was behind that.”

In regards to Minaj, the jailed rapper states that she is happy for her success and only wishes that she was back out recording so she could give Barbie some competition.

“I’m happy for her. I rather her than any of these chicks that are put under a rock falling back out. I’m actually happy for her. I like Nicki, minus the gay stuff.”

What yall think?

14 responses to “Remy Ma Says She’s Not Gay & Thats Not Her On The Phone… Hummm?”

  1. omg says:

    She might be just never know! lol

  2. LAYLA says:

    I think it was her, you’d be surprised how far a label would go to sell an artist. But I must admit the finished product came out great!

  3. NAYNAY says:

    DUH!! You can obviously tell that’s why she wears all that dayum makeup. Chick like 3 times lighter with all that barbie makeup. Not a good move if you were expecting to be famous. Not a good look.

  4. Joule Carter says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why the video surfaced. It was pointless, he must be looking for a job.

  5. LongLegged says:

    That’s Nicki and Remy…first The Nick-ster had some plastic work done (nose & butt) BUT you can tell it’s her on just how she talks. Then that’s Remy wanna gansta-ass..they both know it. I mean what’s done is done…if you like that, then oh well, just don’t LIE about it especially when you just got caught on camera……silly rabbits.

  6. BKNYOMY says:

    That is not Nicki Minaj!!! I wish people would stop saying that! And homegirl on the phone is not Remy! people just like to keep them bullshit rumors going. Nicki Minaj is from QUEENS not Harlem or the BX. Nicki has always been a girly girl. Where did this chick come from with a fuckin du-rag on her head and everyone keeps saying that’s Nicki? I don’t get it!

  7. FOOLERY says:

    Man can’t nobody prove if it was or wasn’t so it’s no use of speculatin but just cuz she wearin different clothes and no makeup don’t mean it isn’t her.

  8. Jasmin P says:

    First off dat is fucqen nicki minaj an remy i wish muh fucqqahs would stop bein so fucqen in denial cuz she busted!!!!i love nicki an i love remy buhhh damn who the fucq else call their vagina their box nobodyyyy nicki minaj an if this video was made a long tyme ago an nicki jusz got famous den why wouldnt yhu expect dis ta be her i believe dis ha cuz if it wasnt den somebody would of made a video sayin it wasnt dem!!!:)exactly point proven!!

  9. TC says:

    I am from queens and I know for a fact that this is Nicki homegirl use to be a straight dude back then and then when she got her 1st deal they obviously knew they had to give her a better image so that they could market her and now that she is on young money she on this whole barbie ish. I mean I don’t know y ppl actin so suprised she is openly gay and in the video she jus look the exact same way and talk the same now she jusy wear lots of makeup and weave and she dresses like a girl…however cliffy bars was wrong when he said she was from bx she is from queens.

  10. heylove says:

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  11. real talk says:

    They took a hood rat STUD BROAD & flipped her over into a freak show, smfh. This lil boy, Nicky, took speech lessons (like LL when he 1st broke out), cuz she use to talk & dress str8 up like a n(i66ah), das y she has no sense of fashion . She always called her c(ooch) a box . Check out her interviews on YouTube…always talking about her box (link below , for one) If links not allowed go 2 any of her interviews, always talking bout her daym BOX. When she’s calling Remy listen to her voice when she lowers it..that’s her, that’s her mouth, her eyes…but she has new implants. That’s even her funny shaped legs once u get passed the hips. She was hatin on Remy tryna bring her image down & now look..karma is a m/f (go to 6:54)

  12. Helen Brown says:

    some body all ways saying things about these celebrit. so . if Remy ma is gay or she side shes hot so fucking what is yall gay do you eat pussy remy ma do. I hate her songs shes a bitch her and lil kim lol.

  13. curiouslycute says:

    I believe thats Nicky Minaj n that video,,,come on people..if that wasn’t Nicki Minaj..her reps would have been sought that person out and brought them 2 the 4front so that they could clear her and bring a end 2 this madness…somebody would have been came out saying “thats my neighbor” or “thats my cousin” if it wasn’t shows would seek that person out..shit the person himself would come out 4 that 15min of fame stating he is not Nicki Minaj, THAT IS NICKI MINAJ IN HER STUDDY DAYZ LETS KEEP IT 100 PEOPLE.

  14. lol says:

    Wtf? Why does it matter to you dumb fucks??? If its her or not we will never know!!

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