Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery Celebrates 92nd Birthday with Jaime Foxx, Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, and Others



Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery celebrated his 92nd birthday in grand style at Kings Chapel on the campus of Morehouse College.

Check out the star-studded details below.

Sunday night Atlanta paid homage and celebrated an icon 8 years short of a centennial. The Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery turned 92 years old just 10 days after his 67 year term spouse Evelyn G. Lowery perished away. The celebratory event full of elegance took place at the historic Morehouse College. What more appropriate setting to honor a civil rights leader than the Martin Luther King Chapel inside the institute. The prefix of the evening began with an intimate reception where celebrities graced the red carpet that was surrounded by a plethora of media.


While prestigious attendee’s nibbled on catered desserts and participated in snobbish conversations, the Reverend was cooperating with his guest engaging in photo’s. Meanwhile, the actual show ticketed to start at 6pm yet comedian Steve Harvey’s wife hit the stage at 7:12pm to announce to us the scheduled host would absent due to taking ill. Atlanta’s own Chris Tucker took this time to not only rebound for Mr. Harvey but to redeem himself (as he did) from that epic fail of a host for 2013 BET Awards.

The night was then in motion to where we witnessed theatre meet sanctuary. Filled with many echo’s of ‘Hallelujah” in the room, one could confuse being a guest with being a parishioner. Celebrities on the program ranged from Teri Vaughn, Malcom Jamal Warner, Fonzworth Bentley, Ann Nesby, Cassi Davis to Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry. Mr. Perry was the first to receive the Joseph E. Lowery Agent of Change Award this evening and accepted it with a profound statement of ” to receive something like this from a legend and someone who has been there in the forefront of the fight so we can all sit here in freedom is beyond blessings“.

Academy Award winning Jamie Foxx added, “I’ve been touched by you and I thought life was about making as much money as I could but when I met you at Martin Luther King 50th anniversary speech, you changed my mind to pick it up and shine as much light on you as you’ve shined on us“.

Mr. Foxx then handed the mic to Mr. Lowery to openly thank all for their presence and support over the years and during his trying time of bereavement. I’d say if you did not leave this 3 hour event inspired to run on and see what the end gone be, then you drove there with atheist on your license plate.

Happy Birthday Rev. Dr. Lowery!

Story by bruthamarc for FreddyO.

Picture by Chanda M. Scott


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