Rev. Joseph Lowery’s Wife Evelyn Lowery Dies, At Age 88



Our heart breaks on learning about the sudden death of Mrs. Evelyn Lowery the wife of legendary Civil Rights icon Rev. Joseph Lowery at the age of 88.

Check out the details after the break.

Mrs. Evelyn Lowery suffered a huge stroke on last week. We have been praying for a speedy recovery when the Lowery family notified the public of Mrs. Lowery’s declining health.

“After many consultations with top medical experts, the Lowery family is saddened to learn that the stroke suffered by our beloved Evelyn has caused irreversible damage. As a family of faith, we remain by her side in constant prayer, knowing that God is in control, while also fully understanding her medical condition and that the team of experts have done all that they can do,” the statement continued. “Though she remains in critical condition, we are blessed that she is still with us.”

Today we just got news that after being released from the hospital to rest comfortably at home she has passed away.

About Evelyn Lowery:  Evelyn Lowery and Rev. Lowery got married on April 5, 1948. Evelyn Lowery was a civil rights leader and activist in her own right she founded SCLC/W.O.M.E.N. (Women’s Organizational Movement for Equality Now) in 1979. The group focuses on AIDS prevention, historic documentation and preservation, health and welfare, and programs aimed at strengthening black families.

Let’s keep the Lowery family in our thoughts and prayers.


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