RHOA Beef : Porsha Stewart Tells Kenya Moore To ‘Watch Her Mouth’


porsha kenya beef rhoaMs. Gone with the wind fabulous Kenya Moore just got served by her RHOA cast mate Porsha Stewart.  Apparently Kenya Moore wrote a blog post about Porsha want to take back her allegedly gay almost ex-husband if he would abide by some rules.  I must say Kenya has a point.  If I thought my almost ex-husband was batting for the other team, I surely wouldn’t try to get him back.  Here’s some of what Kenya said,

I find it quite disturbing that Porsha and her family go on and on about the fact that Kordell may be gay. After all, she told the world she had a “picture perfect life” and married the “man of her dreams.” Cut to Porsha sitting with the attorney agreeing to take him back if he abided by a “list.” Well, a thinking person with a brain would ask the question that if the main problem was that he is possibly gay, why would you want him back? I don’t think Porsha is telling the whole truth. That’s always been my opinion of her and it remains the same after listening to her recall the “facts” about their marriage.

Now you can check out Porsha’s instagram response below.  (She took a down some time after she posted it)


Thanks to NecoleBitchie for catching that pic!


  1. I think Kenya has very valid points. Besides insinuating that Kordell’s gay, Porsha&her mom have painted an awful picture of Kordell by saying he didn’t offer support when she miscarried, he locked her out,he didn’t give her money (odd that last season she said she never looked at prices&Kordell gave her everything, including a purse full of cash at her charity dinner),controlled her, etc., Why would she want to get back with him when she has no kids with him?The lifestyle&money is why. Porsha’s a spoiled lazy child. She hasn’t made any effort to speak to or even ask how her stepson’s been since the separation&divorce.Obviously she didn’t care for a child who called her “Mommy”.

  2. I think its horrible that she’s dropping hints of him being gay. I’d be very closed mouth since this is a divorce proceeding because everything can b used against her. I really don’t think she’s that smart or she listens. She’s beautiful but a bit immature for her age. Oh well Kenya can be a mess but she does make a valid point.

  3. But wasn’t Kenya doing the same thing with Walter…..sge was saying he was gay after it came out that sge hired him to be her boyfriend for the show….don’t throw shade if ur past isn’t clean


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