RHOA EXCLUSIVE: Marlo Hampton Charles Grant’s Fiance Newest Housewife


Rumor Around the A is that our beloved Nene Leaks may not be returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta for another season. This is just a sidenote the real Juicy gossip which is that she is supposedly being replaced by Marlo Hampton the finance of NFLer Charles Grant. The same one that was falsely rumored to be dating Nene ealry last year. This has not been officially been announced by Bravo but I know nothing will make for better tv than Nene and Marlo being on the show together. I’ll tune in every week.

Spotted @StraightFromtheA

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  1. He looks really stupid with his eyes about to pop out of his head, and she’s a real hoodrat who’s trying to be snoody, I hope that Phaedra keep her in check.

  2. Rumor has it he owes a Tailor about $5000 for custom suits.. He needs to pay his bills before he go prancing around on National TV where he can now be found!


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