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Ride Along Official Movie Premier With Kevin Hart, Will Packer , Ice Cube T.I. Ludacris , Monica, Kandi, & More

DSC_7438Big Tigger, Kevin Hart, Will Packer (Producer) and Ice Cube

Yesterday I got the chance to kick it with all my ATL homies as we supported ATL’s own Will Packer,(Producer) and his new film Ride Along. The film stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, as the Fast-talking security guard Ben played by Kevin Hart who  joins his wanna-be cop brother-in-law James played by Ice Cube go on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta in order for Kevin Hart to prove himself worthy of marrying Angela, James’ sister. And I have to say I have not laughed that hard in a very very long time… The movie reminds me of Bad Boy’s, with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, and is funny as hell.

DSC_7316The movie premiere was held in Atlanta, at Atlantic Station, was packed. At first I was like “there’s know way everyone that they said was coming was going to be in the building.” I was proven wrong almost all the stars braved the horrible worth, to support Will and his new film.

DSC_7435Before the movie got started my homie V-103 personality and TV host Big Tigger hosted a 101 panel with Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, and Will Packer. Will explain the reason he held the movie premier in Atlanta is because Atlanta has always been the number on markets for him and has supported him more than anyone …

Check out all the photos below and please make sure yall support and tell the world about Will’s new movie “Ride Along”…

In the building was …

Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, and Will Packer

DSC_7231Kevin Hart

DSC_7216Ice Cube

DSC_7158Will Packer Family

DSC_7415Will Packer

DSC_7024TV host and youtube super starts Emmanuel and Philip Hudson

DSC_7079My homie Jacob Latimore



DSC_7143V-103 Big Tigger



Will Packer Keshia Knight Pulliam

DSC_7342Kandi Burruss

DSC_7333Demetria McKinney

DSC_7249Monica and Shannon Brown

DSC_7277Towanda Braxton


Gary with DaTea

Roger Bobb

Rodney Perry

DSC_7362Dice Dixon

DSC_7060R.L. and his fiance’

DSC_7447More guests
DSC_7444 DSC_7442 DSC_7439

DSC_7429 DSC_7426 DSC_7421 DSC_7416
DSC_7411 DSC_7407
DSC_7403 DSC_7399 DSC_7391DSC_7387 DSC_7384DSC_7285 DSC_7286 DSC_7288 DSC_7290 DSC_7291 DSC_7380 DSC_7379 DSC_7375 DSC_7371
DSC_7361 DSC_7358 DSC_7357 DSC_7353DSC_7349 DSC_7346

DSC_7329 DSC_7325DSC_7317
DSC_7312 DSC_7309 DSC_7304
DSC_7273 DSC_7264 DSC_7260DSC_7253
DSC_7245 DSC_7241DSC_7235

DSC_7215 DSC_7211 DSC_7207 DSC_7203 DSC_7199 DSC_7196 DSC_7192 DSC_7187 DSC_7183 DSC_7180 DSC_7179 DSC_7176 DSC_7175 DSC_7167 DSC_7163 DSC_7160 DSC_7159
DSC_7135 DSC_7131 DSC_7107 DSC_7103 DSC_7091 DSC_7083
DSC_7072 DSC_7068 DSC_7064
DSC_7052 DSC_7039 DSC_7035 DSC_7031 DSC_7027

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