Rihanna and Lady GaGa Among “Forbes” “Top-Earning Celebrities Under 30”


rihanna-and-lady-gaga-among-forbes-top-earning-celebrities-under-30“Forbes” is placing Rihanna among its latest list of “Top-Earning Celebrities Under 30.”  The 25-year old Barbadian singer earned an astounding 43-million dollars between June 2012 and June 2013, landing her at the number five spot on the list.  According to the magazine, the enormous earnings come from sales of Rihanna’s seventh album “Unapologetic,” as well as the 40-plus concerts she played over the past year.

Ahead of Rihanna on the list of “Top-Earning Celebrities Under 30” was Lady Gaga at number one.  She was followed by Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.  Actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Kristin Stewart also made the list.

Check out the top ten celebrities on “Forbes'” “Top-Earning Celebrities Under 30” list:

Lady Gaga, 27, singer: $80 million
Justin Bieber, 19, singer: $58 million
Taylor Swift, 23, singer: $55 million
Calvin Harris, 29, DJ: $46 million
Rihanna, 25, singer: $43 million
Katy Perry, 28, singer: $39 million
Adele, 25, singer: $25 million
Jennifer Lawrence, 22, actress: $26 million
Kristen Stewart, 23, actress: $22 million
Taylor Lautner, 21, actor: $22 million


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