Rihanna Covers ‘Fabulous’; Talks Father’s Drug Abuse, Being A Better Performer, Chris brown & More


Check out Rihanna on the cover of British magazine – Fabulous. The vocal powerhouse talked with the publication about many a topic including her father’s drug addiction, her ‘loud’ hair, trying to better herself as a performer (…), her relationship with her mother, and more.

Via Concrete Loop / RD:

On her red hair:

“I think I was ready for something new and loud and expressive. It’s really adventurous. I wanted something that was fun, you know. I didn’t want a normal hair color. I’d had blonde, and it was so boring. Black is still my favorite, but I was looking for a color that was edgy. I guess it was just the place I was in at that time. I felt like being spontaneous, and I also wanted to go for something extreme. I couldn’t do green or purple or pink, so red was like the fine line between normal and extreme!”

On her childhood with an alleged crack-addict father who beat her mother:

“I have a lot of great memories, actually. Somehow, the negativity holds a very small space in my mind and memory. I usually just think about the great things, like the beach [in Barbados where she grew up], learning how to swim and write, and catching fish. And most of those things I did with my father. So I seem to just focus on that.”

On the influence her mother has had on her:

“My mother’s definitely had the most influence on me as a woman throughout my life. She raised me in a way that I could be responsible and fearless — she taught me a lot of things about life. She’s made me realize that it comes with consequences.”

On her motivation:

“I never focus on who or what is at the top, because when people become better at what they do individually, it’s noticed. And that’s all I want to be: an artist who was known for growing constantly and becoming bigger and better. It’s not about who’s better between Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. I’m more in competition with myself. I always challenge myself to do better next time. It doesn’t matter who’s at the top as long as I’m getting closer to that point every time. That’s all I care about.”

On her future:

“I have a lot more I want to do before I’m 30. I want to venture off as an entrepreneur and have my own fashion and make-up lines — just experiment with the things that I love. I’m a rebel. A rebel flower. And that’s girlie, but tough, too — there’s always that strength and vulnerability. There’s always something beautiful, but there’s still an edge.”

On what her fans like most about her:

“I think what my fans enjoy about me are my flaws and imperfections. The fact that I’m rebellious and do things my way motivates them to be individuals. That’s all I care about, you know, people being themselves and living life to the fullest.”

On being called a sex symbol:

“Every time I hear that it’s definitely flattering, but also uncomfortable. That’s not a priority on my list – being a sex symbol or being overly sexy. I’m just a normal woman. I don’t really focus on being a sex symbol.”

On getting married:

“Maybe in the future, but that’s not on my agenda right now. No, I’m not ready for that.”

On the mere mention of Chris Brown’s name:

“You obviously want to talk about Chris Brown, I don’t.”

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  1. Starr says:

    Ooh nana whats ma name??!!

  2. Precious the phat chick says:

    She is sooooooo fuking pretty- I love you Rih Rih! top dolla!!!

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