Rihanna Explains Surprise VMA Performance+ Was She Hiding That Curling Iron Burn With Her New Hair?



(9/16/2010) Pop diva Rihanna didn’t expect to make it to the MTV Video Music Awards last Sunday night, but a last-minute schedule change made it possible. She tells MTV.com, quote, “I got the day off and Eminem called me the day before and said, ‘Please, I’m having a really hard time doing this without you. We had a really great song.'” Check out the twit pic from a few weeks ago. I was wondering how she was going to perform with that new blemish…


She adds that it killed her not to be there for the Detroit rapper until she was given the day off from shooting her new movie, “Battleship.” Rihanna says, quote, “They allowed us to leave and do it, and we jetted in and we’re going to jet right back out.” The vocalist joined Eminem on stage to perform their hit song, “Love The Way You Lie,” to open the VMAs.
Rihanna had said during the previous week that she was unable to leave the “Battleship” set for the VMAs and didn’t plan to attend. After doing the show with Eminem, she said on Twitter that she “just had to” give fans a surprise.


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