Rihanna has some words for Ciara via Twitter


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Rihanna had a successful concert last night in Atlanta. She partied like a ROCK STAR all night with her celebrity ATL friends. You would think our party girl would be at the hotel resting. You would think our hard-working songbird would be reviewing concert footage. Well honey you would be wrong! She was up bright and early addressing  her favorite person on Twitter. 

Rihanna wants the world to know that she is SO OVER Ciara using her name in interviews. RiRi took to Twitter to address her grievances with Ciara for the world to see. A fan of RiRi caught the tweet laced nasty/nicely to Ciara.

RIHANNA-TWEETS-ABOUT-CIARA LOL! You can’t help but get a kick out of RiRi she is not only super talented but she is the QUEEN of Twitter. We absolutely adore her social media antics.

Ciara, she does make a valid point; the best way to get over a beef is to walk away and you do have more important stuff to address.

What are your thoughts about RiRi’s tweet? Does she have just cause to feel a certain way about Ciara?

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Story via: No Mercy for Your Faves.

Photo: Access Atlanta

6 responses to “Rihanna has some words for Ciara via Twitter”

  1. gelie says:

    At least CiCi’s man didn’t bust her face up like C. Breezy did to RiRi, sorry just keeping it real….Hellooo

  2. QWW says:

    At least RAH RAH RAH u can so shut the F*CK up wit yo 50year old news cookin’ up old sh*t wtf that gotta do with the article u lifeless POS (no Ri-Stan but tired irrelevant B*tches no brain all mouth smh)

  3. tee says:

    Ima so sick of Rhianna, silly, childish ass..You pathetic bitch, grow the fuck up…She has got to be jealous of Cici ,& it seems like everytime she opens her funky mouth it is abt Ciara. Ciara just ignore this stupid bitch….And maybe she will go away…

  4. Passive aggressive says:

    U say she on you but u on her…. Cuz u know Ciara is the ish….. Why can’t people just be and do what you are destined for and stop being a hater….. Respect and one love…. Mad cuz she can out dance you, mad cuz she dont have to be the R in retarded…. You got the raw end of the deal hurt because of domestic violence chasing ur abuser now u have to put up a I’m tupac show ur ass just to get what u r getting. Lame… As a world we must do better than this…. U talking ish why don’t u step to her lets see this thug life lets c u get down.. U thug n wit body guards GTFOHWTBS….. They asking questions cuz it’s a media age keeping up ish just like u do frikin retard.

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