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Rihanna & Her New Love!

Auntie Rihanna

Rihanna could not get enough of her new niece this past Sunday! She showcased her love for the newborn all over her Twitter page.

Check out the details below!

Rihanna is smitten over her new niece and she wants the world to know it! When most people think of Rihanna, they think of a bada** sex symbol! But not this time! The Barbadian singer is displaying a much softer side via Twitter.

She posted a picture of the baby griping her finger and labelled it with a caption saying, “How we spent our last couple nights :’).”

Auntie Rihanna 2

I can’t get enough, I’m so in love,” she tweeted to her followers.

Auntie Rihanna 3


$he like it hurr,” Auntie RiRi boasts to the world!

Auntie Rihanna 4

It is uncertain which sibling this beautiful baby girl belongs too or even what the baby’s name is? However, it is clear to see that RiRi is enjoying every minute of being a new auntie!

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