Rihanna Is Dating Girls + She Loves Nicki Minaj BIG Butt!!!



Rihanna is causing a little stir up. She thought it would be funny to joke around with the paparrazi. There were rumors going around saying she was dating an NBA player by the name of Ryan Phillipe. She shuts those rumors down and tell us girls are her knew thing. I guess that’s the new trend now, everybody preferring their own sex right now. UGH!

Check out this video of RihRih putting her business on front street:

Well there you have it I guess RihRih was just pulling our leg, She is still Strictly *ickly!


  1. Rhianna, Rhianna…thats her name. Well she may need people to tell her what her name is but she doesn’t need anybody to tell her what she wants. She makes it clear. Sorry ladies but u according to Rhianna you don’t have a chance.


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