Rihanna New ‘W’ Magazine Cover Shoot Pic’s



The homies over at Toyaz-world.net posted these pic’s of Rihanna’s who is in the February issue of ‘W’ magazine, Rihanna did what Rihanna do best, by taking it off and posing it up in this stunning new fashion spread. But hey she’s trying to sell that album… Check out all the pic’s below:


  1. If she doesn’t talk ’bout ‘Feb 8th’ Chrianna, she’d have NOTHING to talk ’bout, why? Cause she a total blank, that’s why!

    She’s a High School dropout, who can ONLY talk bout shoes, make-up and is only, too-proud, to tell everyone – “SHE LIKES BIG DICKS!” ….Yup, THOSE are HER, VERY-OWN, WORDS!

    …..And THIS is the person you want YOUR daughters to look-up-to….???? So we NOW hear that she’s writing a book, are you kidding me?

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  2. Good for her. hey they say sex sells, so hopefully this may give her record sales a little nudge, she probably hoping for a bog boost, Chris Brown should follow in his ex footstep and do a interview, get a magazine cover and a spread in it, that may help his sales since he went venting on his twitter about Wal Mart, etc before he abruptly deleted it and took a break and now has started tweeting again The anniversary is coming next month of her beat-down…no pun intended. So hopefully she is healed and doing ok and she and everybody can move forward in 2010 and talk about something else, we’ve addressed the issue numerous times and closed 2009 with many interviews and now Chris Brown image is down the drain, thanks alot Ri-RI, naw I’m j/p domestic violence is a serious problem and I don’t condone or endorse it coming from either end, the male of female, cause it is females out here that will kick a man ass….ok Im gone lol.


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