Rihanna on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition


Rihanna brought joy to a family in need on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The international superstar took time out of her busy schedule to give back and surprise a couple of caring women who work hard to protect the rights of women veterans. She was also joined by our First Lady in a surprise that these women will never forget.Women ambassador Barbara Marshall, from Fayetteville, North Carolina, opened the Jubilee House with her own income to devote her time and energy to helping homeless women veterans who are unable to find jobs and give them the ability to have a future.

Ty and his designers met with Rih Rih and for the cause she auctioned off tickets to her concert with proceeds going to the charitable organization. This is something Rihanna did out the kindness of her heart and it is something we commend and recognize…Go Rih! Are you surprised that Rihanna did something like this or do you think this is something that she would do?



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