Rihanna on the September 2012 Cover of Hype Hair Mag

Hype Hair magazine—the guide to hairstyling, maintenance, care and beauty tips—for women of color announced the release of their September 2012 issue. For their latest release, Hype Hair pays homage to every girl’s favorite trendsetter, Pop Princess, Rihanna.

Rihanna is a lady of many skills. She’s an outstanding singer, performer and actress—and she sure knows how to keep the bloggers on their toes with her headlining activities.


Another thing that she’s famous for is her ever-evolving style. Whether her ‘do is blazing red or a stunning jet-black, Rihanna turns heads on the red carpet.


In a special feature, Hype Hair highlights the many shades of RiRi and offers simple and affordable tips on how you too can rock the Reb’l Fleur look.


Southern female rapper and star of “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” Rasheeda also graces the pages of the September 2012 issue of Hype Hair. Rasheeda linked up with Hype Hair for an exclusive photo shoot. Dressed in a rocker-like steez, Rasheeda’s long and sleek, black hair is what completes the look for the beautiful two-page spread. The Hype Hair experts also give the readers the 411 on how to get their hair to look as stunning as that of the beautiful Atlanta, Georgia wordsmith.


Another lovely lady that Hype Hair shines their spotlight on is actress Nicole Ari Parker. Nicole sat down with the ladies of Hype Hair to discuss her busy career and how she balances it all while still being a loving housewife and mother. Also, the savvy businesswoman dished on her new workout-friendly hair product, the Save Your ‘Do GymWrap. Now you can keep your body and hair looking tight!


Other starlets that Hype Hair highlights inside their September 2012 issue are Tamar, Keri Hilson, Mariah Carey, Dawn Richards, Katerina “Kat” Graham, Joy Bryant, Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, and many other beautiful ladies.


Hype Hair magazine is a lifestyle magazine catering to women of color—offering a guide to celebrities, fashion and hairstyle since it hit newsstands. Hype Hair magazine is distributed worldwide, and is available in most major chains including Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Rite Aid and 7-11.

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