Rihanna Recites A$AP Rocky’s Lyrics Wrong



Rihanna gets clowned for reciting one of A$AP Rocky’s lyrics wrong on Twitter!
Check it out!

 A$AP Rocky opened up for Rihanna’s Diamond’s World Tour,” so it was surprising when she wrongly quoted his “F*ckin’ Problems” song on Instagram. In the track Rocky raps “At least a n*gga n*gga rich,” which Rihanna allegedly thought was “At least a n*gga n*ggerish.”

Her fans quickly caught the mistake and began to clown her on Instagram. Being a true social media queen she saw the errors in her post and quickly took it down. But Rihanna always gets the last laugh. Check out her tweet picture below:

The misquoted lyric is still alive on Twitter; Rihanna decided to post another photo on Instagram letting her fans and haters alike know her true feelings. Rihanna posted, ”

“Bitchin witcho bitch ass!!! #tiltheygetlockjaw.”

What do you think about Rihanna misquoting A$AP Rocky’s lyrics on Instagram and Twitter?

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Pictures via: Instagram.


  1. I believe that Everyone makes mistakes i mean honestly i understand where most people are coming from when they say she should know the lyrics because she is a hip- hop sensation. But honestly i would probably make the same mistake i mean this happens to many many people. People need to think less negatively (the comments) i mean i love Rihanna and i’m sure many other people do too. #don’t hate just reflect# ~ Jayla Johnson~


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