Rihanna Sues Topshop Over Use Of Photo On T-Shirt & Breaks Down On Stage


rihanna-sues-topshop-over-use-of-photo-on-t-shirt12Rihanna is suing well-known U.K. fashion company Topshop. According to “BBC News,” the pop singer has officially taken legal action over a t-shirt with her photograph on it that’s being sold by the chain. Rihanna who is 25 years old  claims  that Topshop has misled fans into thinking the t-shirt was merchandise endorsed by her – when in fact the image was taken by a freelance photographer “without her permission” while shooting the video for “We Found Love” in Northern Ireland in 2011.

rihanna-sues-topshop-over-use-of-photo-on-t-shirtShe is asking for five-million dollars in damages, claiming that Topshop put her reputation at risk. Topshop, however is saying that they have the right to print the image as it was legally acquired by the photographer. The company also claims that Rihanna’s team has contacted them several times “asking for products for her to wear” since threats of legal action were made. The singer’s “Diamonds” tour will make stops in Norway and Finland this week.


Rihanna reports the singer made an emotional speech in Lille, France. Watch below a video of RiRi crying before singing “Diamonds”. And the tour outfits are looking great with her new hair color, take a look at a few fan pictures after the jump.

rihanna_celebrity_instagram_piUPDATE: Rihanna revealed on Instagram that she started to cry because she saw a fan crying in the audience, she wrote:

It’s all your fault! Lolololol! I felt you! You help me to understand how a fan really thinks! The way you guys appreciate it all, it kills me I can’t believe how much you guys really love me! You care so much, it’s overwhelming and yet so beautiful! Thank you is all I can say! Thank you Thank you Thank you ALL! My fans are truly my gift from God! And I think Him everyday for it!


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