Rihanna Tweets Photo With Chris Brown Amid Breakup Rumors


rihanna-tweets-photo-with-chris-brown-amid-breakup-rumors34Rihanna is confronting the most recent rumors surrounding the state of her relationship with Chris Brown. On Wednesday, the singer posted a photo of herself and Brown looking like a happy couple on a car ride with the top down, likely hoping to put an end to the latest reports that the two were yet again on the outs. It was rumored that they had broken up after Rihanna made some comments onstage at her Monday concert in Los Angeles.


While leading into her song “What Now,” she spoke to the crowd, confessing that she was “confused” about love. Although Brown was actually seated in the VIP section of the arena at the time, it led many to suspect that the tumultuous couple had split up. Brown had also assured fans that he and Rihanna were “good” during his appearance on the “Today” show last week.



  1. Oh mine, I so tried of report s of RI ….She is the dumbest Bitch with no fucking class….Please stop, he fucks Herr, beat the hell out of her and the dumb bitch deserves it..Who give a fuc….-Everyone knows she is to fund and weak with no self esteem to leave

  2. Right now it seems as if they are on hard time within their relationship and trying to do anything necessary to stay together but when you exhaust all your resources that is when things fall apart tragically. Don’t force love if its not there ,don’t worry about it move forward no matter how hard it is…. One thing for sure its better to happy single than be unhappy with someone… if you all need a break do that don’t force it as I reiterate

  3. Let’s be honest, RiRi was “Jealous When She Looked At Pictures Of C. Breezy and Karate”, Now all of a sudden, RiRi wants to be photoed in the car, shopping, and etc…How lame is that??? Jealously is a “Green Eyed Monster” right RiRi…Team Karate!!


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