RIP Another Music Legend Leaves: Betty Wright At 66


Sunday morning, May 10,  we get the news that Miami R&B/Soul momma, Betty Wright, was reported dead at 66.

Sunday Morning getting the news of leaving another musical legend leaving us was devastating . 

Betty Wright had been diagnosed with cancer last fall, and about 2 weeks ago singer Chaka Khan made a post to pray for her sister. 

Salute to TVone actually paying homage to Ms Wright while she got a chance to see it alive, her Unsung episode.  Betty Wright was an inspiration to so many singers to this day major and the up and coming singers. She was a big supporter up the new up and coming talent. Let’s not forget her famous line “No Pain No Gain”. In order to get something you got to go thru something, thank you Ms Betty Wright for your contribution to the music culture! You will never be forgotten. 




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