Royce Reeds Gets Kicked Off Basketball-Wives



So I am hearing they are now looking for new basketball-wives and they are kicking one of the girls off… “Say it an’t so Mr. Wilson”…. Sources close to the reality show tell TMZ, Royce Reed’s Basketball-Wives days are numbered — and it’s all because of the ongoing legal battle with her Orlando Magic baby daddy Dwight Howard.

Royce can’t talk about Dwight in the media because of a 2009 gag order. That injunction SEVERELY inhibits her ability to participate in the show. So the show executives have now label her as boring.

Producers are looking to replaced Royce ASAP … but haven’t found anyone up to snuff yet. Royce tells us she has other options and,

“If they are indeed searching for a replacement for me it is what it is. It all seems petty and immature to me”

WOW not looking good!!!!


  1. Royce should be happy she won’t be on that show, who wants to be friends with the other chicks. all they do is talk about each other behind their back and make fools out of themselves. smh

  2. royce was allways boring …. she is a hater … and alltho all of us have them …the show dont need royce … i feel it will be more interresting withoput her … and bsides shes a SMUTT!! ….

  3. royce was my girl on the show she dont need the noway. just do you and you will better off. all they do is talk about each other lady dont do that …..:)


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