Ryan Cameron 4th Annual Anti-Violence Forum



Ryan Cameron is always involved in the community. Yesterday, he hosted his 4th Annual Youth Anti-Violence Forum in Atlanta at the Salvation Army. Over 200 participants submitted works of poetry, artwork, or public service announcments. Check out more pics from this event inside.


Students who were invited to the forum had the chance to attend workshops and panels surrounding to teen safe driving, bullying/cyber bullying, domestic violence, gang violence, child sex trafficking and teen dating violence.


Winners were also announced. Prizes were $100 cash and a pizza party for 3rd-5th graders. For 6th-12th graders the prizes were 1st place-$1,500, 2nd place-$1,000, 3rd place-$500. NOT BAD!


Agents from the FBI were also there to discuss cyber bullying. The Fulton County Sheriff and members of the Atlanta Police Homicide Department are also expected to discuss gang violence.


What a great event! These type of events are essential in building our communities. Did you attend this event? What do you think about this noteworthy cause?




  1. This man is always doing something positive for the commnunity ,big ups to him on that, you rarley find me giving back at all once they have expirences a certain level of success, glad to see that you didnt allow success to hinder you to giving back to others that really need it…


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