Ryan Leslie Offers $1 Milli For Laptop Return



(11/08/2010)  Singer and producer Ryan Leslie is in a frenzy! The Harlem based artist is in desperate need of the return of his Mac, so desperate, he is offering a staggering $1 million to have it back in his possession. Initially, Leslie was willing to drop $20,000 but the laptop still didn’t turn up so he turned up the reward.

On October 23, Leslie was touring in Cologne, Germany where his laptop was stolen out of a black Mercedes. He explains he left a bag containing the computer inside the car on the back driver’s side seat.  The NY Daily News is reporting that the security guards briefly left the car unattended to escort him inside the club. The bag also had $10,000 cash and his passport.

Ryan made several pleas via Twitter and even made a Youtube video.

“For the record, I had so many amazing music & visual projects on that MacBook that I was working on to share with u this winter.”

 He’s asked anyone with information regarding his stolen laptop to send an e-mail to ryanleslielaptopreturn@gmail.com.


…..A million dollars? I sure wish I knew where that laptop is!  

— Akira Noelle’  (Follow Me On Twitter!)


  1. Dang… I wish I knew where it was myself. Heck I would have given it back for the 20,000. I could have used that right now.

  2. Ha..yea right who wants to hear his music? seriously there must be some serious deets on that MacBook for him to actually want to “pay” 1 million for it..I’m sure he probably got some pics/vids/emails/etc on that MacBook for FreddyO to talk about..lmao


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