Sad: Caretaker Caught On Tape Abusing & Slapping 91 Year Old Woman!



(9/17/2010) Careful…this is video of a caretaker manhandling the defenseless 91 year old woman. This has to be the saddest video I have ever seen. When I think about my 87 year old granny, this makes me hella mad. Authorities in Jersey City have arrested the healthcare worker and charged her with abusing an elderly patient. The arrest came after the family of the elderly woman suspected something was wrong after finding bruises on her.They recorded video of the alleged abuse captured via a webcam and Skype. Check out the video below.  The health aide, Carmen Pereira, 52, was charged earlier this month with aggravated assault with extreme indifference, endangering the welfare of an incompetent person, and neglect of an elderly/disabled person, authorities said.


  1. Got watch ya granny….this bish punishment should be receiving the same treatment she gave the whole time she locked up…..karma

  2. Seeing that video really saddens me. The caretaker literally abused the lady EVERY DAY! WTH is this world coming to. The family needs to have their love one check for broken bones. Her caretaker was throwing her around like a ball. HORRIBLE……..JUS HORRIBLE!!!!

  3. Jus put me in da room wit da caretaker 4 10 seconds and count them down then when im through yal can call da funeral home 2 pick her up REAL TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I hope they beat her ass in Prison, shit like this sets us back and makes it hard for the ones that want to get in that line of work hard, the ones that really care about the elderly and want to take care of them. I really hope this BITCH suffers behind this. I hope they spit in her food in prison everyday. I want this bitch. Give me 3 sec with her!!!!!


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