Sammie’s New Video “Slow” + Gets The Ladies Wet



Lil Sammie recently got the ladies wet as he shot his latest video, featuring my girl Nivea. At the video taping Sammie tried to get all the ladies and groupies wet and for the most part he did a good job. Throwing them in the pool!!! Here is what his super star publicist had to say about Sammie:

In a time where music has lost its direction and ability to touch its listeners, R&B singer  Sammie reached into the vault to film a video to a well-known track on his sophomore album entitled “Slow.” The video is an intimate, seductive portrayal of an encounter with a girl he wishes to take it slow with in order to please her every desire as a woman.

Well damn after reading that, no more calling him Lil Sammie. HEre are all the pic’s!!!



  1. both look tacky he has nappy hair everywhere and she got some stupidness on top of her head shouldn’t she be with her kids

  2. Sammie did make a video for Slow. But the pictures above are for another video called pretty girl anthem.


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