Sarah Palin’s Future Son-In-Law Levi Got His Jump Off Pregnant


Bristol Palin Baby

Boy oh boy. According to RadarOnline, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy and soon to be husband has allegedly knock up his ex girlfriend…and this comes out just months before the Bristol and Levi nuptials. Lanecia Garcia, Levi’s ex-girlfriend, says he knocked her up while he and Bristol Palin were broken up.

“Levi insists the baby isn’t his, but no one really knows for sure,” a source told

“Levi is one of three possible fathers who were with Lanesia during the probable week of conception,” the source said.

This can’t be good for Sarah Palin’s political future. A teenage pregnancy, a son in law who posed for PlayGirl, and a possible baby mama in law? Yeah, this has all the trimmings for a botched campaign. Sound like some nigga shit to me…


  1. i heard Bristol stole Levi from the chick like a few years back.Then Bristol got prego and now the chick may be prego by Levi.Karma is a B**tch !lmao (the chick did an interview in 2008 about Bristol)


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