Scandal Season Two Finale Recap



Scandal‘s Season Two Finale was EVERYTHING!

If you missed last night’s episode STOP! We are spilling all of the TEA! If you saw last night’s episode feel free to PROCEED

Shonda Rhimes did that last night!!!!

Our hearts is still on the floor from everything that happened on Scandal’s season two finale.


 Shonda Rhimes’ has full of surprises up her sleeves. Last week our mouths were on the floor when we learned that Billy Chambers was the mole and that our homie David Rosen was working with him. We were mad as hell at David; you are not to betray your friends! ET TU DAVID? ET TU?

“White Hat’s Back On” had us screaming at the tv. I mean “WHAT THE_________?” Pardon my language but it was a DAMN, DAMN, DAMN JAMES kinda night!

But the last word uttered by Olivia had us all screaming,  “WHAT!!!!????!!!!!?????”

Life is not a Romance Novel:


Fitz and Olivia’s relationship came to a very dramatic end. Do we believe this is the end of their love affair? NOT REALLY. But it was sad to see it end with the season finale. Cyrus, suffered a heart attack trying to break Fitz and Olivia up. Cyrus almost croaked when he learned about their dreams of marriage and maintaining the office of presidency.


Like America is ready for a first lady who was a mistress first who happens to be BLACK. Fitz and Olivia need to find their lives and thankfully Cyrus was there to help them. Cyrus was a bad boy he told Liv that Fitz killed Verna. He then showed Fitz the video of Liv doing the NASTY with Jake. Wow, Cyrus was doing the most yesterday! Fitz wanted to make things work but Olivia turned him down by reminding him that the office of presidency is more important and that her associates needed her now,

 “I can’t leave them. They need me, I’m their Gladiator.”


Fitz had to return to Mellie with his tail between his legs. Mellie was more than happy to take him back. She has low self-esteem! LOL 

David Rosen not a Traitor: 


David was working both sides the whole time! It seemed like he had teamed up with Billy Chambers but he was actually playing him. David gave Billy Chambers a fake Cytron card while recording all of his misdeeds in the process. David was WIRED.  In exchange for the card, Cyrus and Fitz awarded Rosen with a new gig as the new U.S. District Attorney.


 YEAH THE HOMIE DID THAT! WHEW, we glad to know David is a friend of the Gladiators! 

Quinn is the real KILLER:

Huck has nothing on “BABY HUCK” better known as Quinn. Quinn let it all hang out last night she took care of Billy Chambers when Huck could not do it. Quinn took Huck’s signature drill torture to Billy Chambers like a champ.


By the time Quinn got done with Billy Chambers he was sanging like a BIA BIA……lol. 

Sad Fate for Captain Jake:


Poor Jake! After being ordered by Rowan to bring Olivia in because he’s “handling her” (WHAT????????), Jake disobeys and saves Liv, killing a fellow “B613” in the process. When Olivia offers to help him, Jake says “there are no outs” in his job, before trying to push her away by saying,

“Sleeping with you was my mission, so don’t bother missing me.”


Too bad she isn’t falling for it and she kisses him and tells him to stay safe. Happy ending for Jake? Not quite Jake ends up in the very same hole in the ground Huck lived in for several years. The hole that messed HUCK up for life.



Who’s your Daddy?:  


Just when we thought Olivia was sailing into the sunset; we learn that the media knows about the AFFAIR! She is hounded as she steps out of her apartment; she is quickly wisked away to an awaiting car. Who’s in the CAR? Olivia in disbelief asks “DAD?”. 


Rowan is not only a killer but he’s Olivia’s PAPPY! Jesus WEPT!


WHEW that was the shortest hour of our lives.

Wonder what Season Three has in store.

What did you think of Scandal‘s Season Two Finale?

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