Sean Combs Ex Girlfriend/BabyMomma of Twins “Kim Porter’s” Fired Nanny is Sueing Kim


KimPorterandDiddySo apparently Kim’s Nanny (Ex Nanny) Dawn Drago has filed a lawsuit against Kim that doesn’t paint the picture perfect Mother image. According to Drago, Kim left her alleged drugs “White Powder” capsules/bags whatever – she left this out for the Twins to get into and cover their faces with it. She also smoked weed allegedly  around those sweet babies all the time. It’s mighty funny how Ms Dawn Drago has only thought to file this claim after she was fired. But it seems she didn’t remove the rafter from her own eye because she (Nanny) didn’t feel it was necessary to tell anyone about his lil shoplifting problem. Wow. Really Drago? Good luck with the job hunting.

sean famousDila and Jessee are not old enough to let us know what really happened , but with a Nanny that refuses to divulge her own info to employers , I’m sure Puff has got the best lawyers to protect the mother of his girls. Look at those sweet little toes. This makes my heart happy to see a father with his children. Let’s hope this lawsuit doesn’t result in Sean Combs involuntarily spending more time with his little angels than he planned on.



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