Sears Corporation Pays 5.2. Million Dollars in Racial Harrasment Suit


Sears shells out a whopping 5.2. million dollars in their racial harrasment lawsuit filed against them by their former employee Medro Johnson. Mr. Johnson filed his suit claiming he suffered physical and emotional abuse while employed with Sears as his employers repeatedly said racial slurs and even asked him to call them “masta”. Due to the  evidence in this case Mr. Johnson was awarded 5.2 million dollars. Check inside for more details.

A Sacramento Superior Court awarded former Sears Home Improvement Products employee, Medro Johnson $5.2 million in damages after he endured humiliating racial slurs, physical abuse and harassment by a co-worker who received no reprimand for his actions. Johnson says the abuse begin in late 2008 when his former co-worker Paul St. Hilaire walked up to the Johnson family and told Johnson’s wife and children, “Medro calls me ‘masta.’”

Johnson said that he was hurt and embarassed and often complained to his superiors but nothing was done to stop the racial harassment. He also said that the same employee “bashed” Johnson with his shoulder during breaks in a company training session. St. Hilaire called Johnson the “N” word and criticized him repeatedly, and at one point knocked Johnson’s hot cup of coffee down the front of his shirt.

The breakdown of the $5.2 million award includes $2.2 million to compensate for lost earnings, pain and suffering and $3 million for punitive damages, because the jury found that Sears’ policymakers and managers conducted themselves “with malice, oppression or fraud” in failing to investigate or to act on Johnson’s complaints.

“I feel like justice was served, and I would hope that the award will send a message to Sears and that they will change their behavior so no one has to suffer like I had to suffer over these years,” Johnson said.

Sears had no comment except to say that it was “very disappointed in the verdict” and that it planned to explore post-trial options, including an appeal.

This is a big issue. Racial conflicts go on everyday in the workplace. Do you think the former employee deserved $5.2 million?  Do you shop at Sears and if so will you still shop at Sears after knowing how they treated their employees?

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  1. disappointed in the verdict? so you mean to tell me that they were not even apologetic? tell corporate to eat donkey dick! that’s absurd.

  2. I wont be giving Sears anymore of my hard earned “nigga money”. Its unfortunate that we still have to go through issues in regards to the color of our skin.


  3. i’ll still shop there, its not like it was “everyone or every manager” that were saying the racial slurs or ignored the racial that was going. racism is real, us black do it also to “everyone” even to other black. so come on lets be real.

  4. I stopped shopping at Sears about 5 years ago because of their poor customer service. Long story short, my grandmother’s furnice went and she had a service policy with Sears that had emergency visits in the contract. One night it went, mind you we live in MA, so it’s the dead of winter, my Nana had no heat for 4 DAYS! May not seem like a long time, but it is when your home is below 30 degrees, you’re elderly and your sick elderly husband is home as well. Long story short we had to pay an outside service guy to fix it and then Sears refused to honor the service aggrement and they refused to pay us back the money we had to pay the other guy! They suck and I’m glad someone came up off them!


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