Sex and The City 2 Movie is a Box Office Flop



The new homie over at are reporting that Sex and the City 2 is a flop. This is what they had to say:

Sex and the City 2 has been released. We’ve seen the cast attend the NY premiere, alongside a gaggle of A/Z-listers. We then saw them at the London premiere, where Sarah Jessica Parker did her best Posh Spice and wore the most over-sized ridiculous thing possible to upstage the other women (and from the stink eye, they were giving her in some pictures, they were less than impressed). Here are all the pic’s

All the annoying exhaustive television promo and more, that they did, was apparently not enough. The film still lost the number one spot to Shrek Forever After (which kept its number one position with $43.3 million from Friday to Sunday). SATC 2 went in at number two with a $32.1 million debut that came in well below the $56.8 million opening weekend of its predecessor two years ago (with a $14.2 million haul in its first day Thursday, the film has brought in $46.3 million). Price of Persia was at number three this week, with $30.2 million.


  1. This movie is whack,what got me is ALL the African American community was hype about it.What kills me is they get excited over 4 white girls but if it was 4 black girls they wouldn’t even go see it…..Shame,Shame, people are quit to support others but can’t support their own

    Sex And The City 2 Movie is O V E R R A T E D and I will N O T support this movie.

  2. i loved the movie and i dont see anything over-the-top about her outfit, it’s ugly that’s about it

  3. Well i’m African American and i got all dolled up and went to the 12:30am Screening out here in Chicago! Shut that Race shyt up! Every dam thing aint about race! I swear African American people are the most racist group to date!

    I actually enjoyed the movie. I love Sex & The City, so i’m a fan of it period..


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