Shawty Lo Ex-Girlfriend Jai Jai Is Preggo



The ex-girlfriend of rapper Shawty Lo is now preggo. Jai Jai who is an underground/indy rapper is showing off her baby bump and who is the father?


Is Jai Jai added to the list of many baby mamas to Shawty Lo? Can we add her to the upcoming reality tv program, ‘All My Babies’ Mamas? She is not listed as a cast member and was not featured in the show’s trailer. It is said by a source that spoke with TheYBF that her child is Shawty Lo’s. He IS the father according to the source.


Source: TheYBF


  1. These itches are stupid he only has the net worth of 2 millions dollars an in reality its not even that much, epecially wen you have 11 kids. I cant understand the life of these women to put themselves in such a horrible predicatment and he dont make it any better by nutting inside of these women.. NOne of them have any dignity because an insane person wouldnt even behave like this really… I can understand having sex with her and ticking off his money but to have a baby that would forever have some type of attachement to him no way…… I feel sorry for the kids that have to born by the foolish actions of their parents.. They are innocent kids that didnt ask to be here and shouldnt have to come into the world by having inresssponsible parents….. GROSS


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