Shawty Lo & LIL Wayne Shoot New Video: “WTF”



Shawty Lo is working overtime this year shooting his second video with an all-star line-up within a month.  He shot the video to his single “Atlanta, GA” with The Dream and Ludacris at the top of the month, and last night, he teamed up with Lil Wayne for his new single “WTF”.  Shot by the same director as “Atlanta, GA”, Mr. Boomtown, Shawty Lo is gearing up to release a new mixtape with DJ Scream “I’m Da Man 3”, while he puts the finishing touches on his sophomore album “I Am Carlos.  Expect cameo appearances in the video from Rocko, members of Young Money, D4L and more.


Lil Wayne wants all his fans to know that he is  “going to be alright, and just make sure yall go out and get that Young Money CD”, and support his team while he is gone for his bid. Shout out to my man Lil Chuckie.

The Video was put together by Rici and Drekia, the 2 hardest working in the game.. Thanks for all the love … Here are all the pic’s ..


  1. First of all who is checking for shawty LO?? Nobody and lil wayne shouldnt he be in jail right about now??? the track is probably wack and no one is checking for either of them, thats the bottom line

  2. Who are those 2 girls in the pic with wayne? they look raggedy! you be putting some BUSTED bishs on your blog @freddyo…and is that a sean john jacket she has on? KILL who still wears that?

  3. Shit I see some hate on this blog, damn that’s a shame. Lo do your numbers wit the mix tape waiting on a album though. Rici and Drekia keep up the work. Damn for Lo not to have a album the nigga wardrobe still is at Damn near $1800.00 and yeah Wayne may due time but he is still the #1 feature requested artist on a song. So before you hate please do your homework.

  4. CLEARLYYYYYYYYYYY yall haters arent doing your homework. Drekia and Rici be getting shit poppin. Respect.


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