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Shawty Lo Show Cancelled Before it Even Airred #WhereDeyDoDatAt

shawty-lo-all-my-babies-mamas (1)Shawty Lo stopped by several radio stations today to protest the cancellation of his show! I know that’s right Shawty Lo. He says the kids are very disappointed they are not going to be on television. awwwhhh >:( How many people are at home angry about this? How many of you are willing to sign a petition #GiveShawtyLoHisShowBack . Don’t judge him. I think They should have been had this petition tumbling around to counter the other one in the streets. C’mon now Shawty Lo! I know you got these streets on lock. Time to TUrn UP! #TheShowMustGoOn #Regardless

images-shawtyloOxygen has reportedly cancelled “All My Babies’ Mamas” after so much criticism from outsiders who say the network would be promoting negative stereotypes about African-American families. Oxygen is said to be making an announcement shortly.”


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