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Shekinah Jo ‘s car stolen at gunpoint “I feared for my life”

Shekina Jo and Tameka 'Tiny" Harris
Shekina Jo and Tameka ‘Tiny” Harris

On Friday night my friend Shekinah Jo had her car stolen right in front of her face.  When I read her post on social media I was devastated this would happen to my friend. Most of you know Shekinah as the funny hairdresser and best friend of Tiny Harris from vh1’s “The Family Hustle”.

I called and she was really shook for real!  Her whole life flashed before her eyes as the guy told her to just get back!  Check out what Shekinah posted that has the internet buzzing about this tragic situation which could have gone left and been worse!

This sh*t is sooo sad some black boys stole my car!!! In Atlanta ga!!! Tonight if you see a gray BMW with dark tent please call 911!!! But black lives matter!!! And this how our black people do it each other!!!!

The boy pulled a gun and told me to get back!!! They took everything!!! My money may bank cards!!! Everything!!! I thank GOD I am alive!!!

I begged them to get out my car!!! He could not even drive the car!!! He hit 10 things before he even pulled off!!!

This is a daggone shame black on black crime! I hope she gets her car back. Thank goodness she is alive and unharmed.  We will be tracking this story and I will keep you posted. I’m sure Shekinah Jo will also be posting updates to her social media to let you know what’s going on. Hopefully she has lo-jack on her car. You are in our prayers Shekinah Jo! I’m sorry you had to experience a gun being in your face period and getting robbed. Please stop running these ATL streets alone. It’s not safe!


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