Sherri Shepherd Of The View Attacks Bishop Eddie Long


Today “The View’s” Sherry Shepherd did everyone a great justice and spoke the real when it came to the whole Bishop Eddie Long case. She said the very thing everyone was thinking and really brought it home referring to her own personal situation. She simply believes that Bishop Eddie Long took the coward road out when news broke that he settle out of court privately and sealed the records so that it may never be revealed as to what the ending result was. Sherri became emotionally involved because she is a single Christian mother herself who also has a son that she would trust her church would give her son the proper guidance. So when a mother finds this stuff out about there children and the leader of the church it alters your perception of christianity and the church and possibly doing irrepetible damage.


  1. Man I think the whole Bishop Eddie Long scandal is just an example of how people with power and money can get away with just about anything. It’s a damn shame.
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